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David Vessey 10-01-2007 07:50 PM

Looking for software to be re-designed
Good day everyone, I'm hoping I can get some help with a school project.

As part of one of my fourth year courses (Software Products and Work Processes) we are doing a group project which involves going out and finding a "customer" who would like a certain program to be re-designed. This could be some program that you use within your company that you don't like, or maybe you're using a suite of various programs to accomplish a task that may be done better with a single application.

Big Caveat: We won't actually be developing the new software. The course is focused on the design and planning process. Deliverables for the project will be design documents, models, verification and validation tests, etc. (which we would be more than happy to share with you).

Having said all that, what's in it for you you may ask? Well, not too much I'm afraid - we're poor university students. But we won't be asking too much. We will have to interview you about the software - what it is, problems with it, etc. done through email. Subsequent communication will be kept to a minimum.

So.. what kind of broken software do YOU use?

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