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Neal Winkler 01-14-2007 04:41 PM

I was watching that Ninja Warrior show on G4tv the other night and Paul Hamm and Jordan Jovtchev were two of the competitors. But I was surprised that neither of them could complete the course. Ninja Warrior is hard, but I would of thought two worlds class gymnasts would of been able to beat it.

What are your thoughts?

Joshua Murphy 01-14-2007 05:26 PM

Neal -

Awesome show. Here is a link to a thread that was going on it (actually there is also a link to a third thread as well)


I was surprised by their performances as well. I saw the firefighter complete it, and one of the favorites basically fall off a straight away.

Too bad it's on so late at night...

Becca Borawski 01-15-2007 08:18 AM

I think the Hamm brothers had some issues due to being vertically challenged. ;)

Also, the guys that do complete the course take it VERY seriously - some of them have constructed replicas that they practice on throughout the year. The one fisherman guy is no joke either -- they show footage of him doing ropeclimbs and all sorts of other stuff on his fishing boat.

G4 runs marathons of the show sometimes - I just wish they had more new episodes!

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