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Kelly Moore 07-14-2003 06:32 PM

Does anybody know how to send digital photos? I have a Kodak DX3600 with the dock; I haven't a clue how to send from my computer...please help! I've been asked to send some pictures of my workout space and I am completely computer inept. (Don't know why I am surprised; I can barely change the time on my watch or microwave). I would be most grateful. Thanks, Kelly

brian smith 07-15-2003 09:08 AM


It should be pretty easy to send the pictures to anyone you want through email. In most email programs including the free accounts like Hotmail you can simply write someone a brief message then ad an attachment of the picture files one by one to the message. How to do this is a little different with each program. You will need to go to the "Help" menu in your email client and do a search for "attachments"

Hope this helps,


Kelly Moore 07-15-2003 06:21 PM

Thanks Brian. I will give it a shot. Several kind souls at work have managed over several days to coach me through sending attachments. I've even successfully sent several! Of course, sending them from home using my camera might be a different story, but I sure am willing to try. 21st century here I come!

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