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Scott Parker
05-01-2003, 01:17 PM
finally, after following crossfit, and adopting a paleo diet for, say the last 6 months, i have finally reached (minus one more pound!) my target weight of 175lbs (6'2" tall, but i'm a climber and don't want to be huge!), and still maintain between 5.5-7% bodyfat. (when i started i weighed 164 lbs. soaking wet!) i followed the advice of many here regarding protein, mainly to consume 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight (spaced usually between 5-6 meals a day) to aid in gaining "good" weight. now that i am about to reach my target weight, is there anything that i should do differently differently as far as protein and fat intake goes? i recently starting reading "enter the zone" and the book recommends taking in 0.9-1.0g of protein (for the very active)per pound of lean body mass, not total weight. any suggestions? also, i'm 27 yeard old, and i have a metabolism that is out of control fast, and usually have to eat something every couple of hours just to feel "normal". now that i have reached my goal weight, what should i do differently to maintain it so i don't necessarily gain more, and don't lose what i have worked so hard to get?

btw, in addition to finally being able to gain weight, my performance has increased exceptionally in all areas. a lot of chronic injuries don't bother me anymore like my shoulder from high school swinning, and i was told about 2 years ago that i would need knee surgery for a porblem in my knees called chondromalasia (sp?) and chronic overuse. all of that pain is pretty much gone since starting crossfit and changing my diet (and glucosamine!).

thanks to everyone for their help and advice! you have no idea how much it is appreciated! i'd personally like to thank robert wolf for answering all of my (annoying?!) posts in the beginning and for motivation! also, congrats on your acceptance into school!


Scott Parker
05-01-2003, 09:13 PM
so i've read more of "enter the zone" and i'm just not buying into it.

what are people's opinions on the zone vs. the paleo diet? examples of which diet you use and the reasons why would be great. i remember one reason coach mentioned he like the zone diet because it is precise in the way it allocates "blocks" for each category of protein, fat, and carbs, making it easy to figure out.

i just have a few issues on the zone diet based on what i have read so far. it seems to be going in the opposite direction that the paleo diet goes-or am i missing something?

the paleo diet seems to be higer in the "good" fats and less carbs, and the zone diet actually has you eating a higher ratio of carbs to fat. also, the zone diet allows you to eat sugar, (dessert, bread, etc.), even if it is in smaller portions. wouldn't this still spike your insulin even if you consumed these kinds of carbs in smaller quantities? it also allows you to eat dairy, and other foods that are known to cause allergies.

it's just ny opinion, but it seems like the zone diet would be more prone to cause the "up and down" feeling you get from a diet high in carbs, even if you are eating the "good" ones.

i'm thinking there is a happy medium between the two. maye the scientific approach of the zone diet that fits within the guidelines of a paleo diet? what do you guys think of that?

any suggestions, advice, or help would be greatly appreciated! thanks!


David Werner
05-01-2003, 11:05 PM
I got on the Zone/Paleo following Robb Wolfs recomendations starting about 8 months ago. It's been working great but I didn't follow the Zone exactly as laid out. My interpretation is that the Zone books are written with the audience in mind, not everyone is ready to toss all refined and processed foods. So Sears lets people continue to eat some of this stuff.

The important message in all the diet books that Coach and Robb recommend is that we can sieze control of our bodies hormonal responses through the food we consume (among other things). With this in mind the Zone books are right on. You can eat exactly as Sears lays out and achieve the desired hormonal response.

Of course, if you're ready to follow the Paleo aproach and comletely eliminate the nasty foods from your diet, that's even better. Also when following Paleo you are still trying to achieve the same hormonal results that Zone refers to.

The Zone diet will not cause the "up and down" feeling if followed properly, but in my opinion the Paleo aproach is even better. It's a matter of trying to consume a "good" diet, or the "best" diet. But I have been accused, of being a bit of a food Nazi. Robb however, makes me seem quite reasonable.

So your aproach of applying Zone thinking to Paleo process should work great. It has for me.