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Rene Renteria
04-27-2007, 12:12 AM
Link to squat video (w/f s)


I’m looking for any comments on my form, particularly about that butt tuck I have at the bottom of the movement. Also whether my knees get too far forward, that sort of thing. I know that on the last couple of reps I get a bit forward; I’m not very smooth in and out of the hole (no s******ing!). I'm also slow, both up and down.

I am wondering if my form is possibly or likely going to hurt my back. My pelvis tucks under at the bottom of my squat, which is only just below parallel. The tucking starts even before parallel. The depth in the video I’ve posted feels quite deep to me. (It’s not that deep, but that’s my perception when squatting.)

I have always been inflexible. I was doing CrossFit WODs somewhat to fairly regularly over the last couple of years and included OHS with PVC in most of my warmups, for example. But my squat ROM just does not seem to have improved. So if it’s not working, I need to change something, right?

I have been doing a Starting Strength program recently, after a period of getting detrained (yet again!), to get my base strength up and then plan to add metcon back in once I reach some weight goals. Right now, I’m still barely at the “Novice” level in the book--weights for 3 sets of 5 reps: squat 190, power clean 135, bench press 150, press 85 (ugh), deadlift 265 (1 set of 5). (I’m 5’9”+ and between 155 and 160 lbs.; yes, I’m pretty weak.)

I now am using dynamic flexibility drills (from “Magnificent Mobility”) as my warmup to see if that will help improve my ROM or at least make reaching my current ROM limits more easily. I need at least 95 lbs. on my back to force me down into the hole past parallel because of how tight I feel in the hips, hams, and ankles.

Should I be trying to increase the weight of my back squat even with these form issues? Would moving to front squats be better?

Thanks for any comments!

PS--Those are the TDS safety stands from New York Barbell. You can see that they’re not very wide. I set up way to the back of them b/c I figure if I need to dump the bar, it’ll be forward, not back. I haven’t dumped yet.

Chris Spealler
04-30-2007, 08:49 PM
I too suffer from the lack of flexibility in my hips and especially hamstrings. From my understanding a big part of what you are experiencing is from you hamstrings being so tight. I have tried what is called active flexibility. Basically you are flexing the antagonist (opposite) muscle while performing the stretch and holding it for 2-4 seconds and performing about 10 reps. I noticed a big difference in my hips, and some in my hammies right afterward but they seem to tighten up again. Also try some foam rolling on those areas as well. Has helped me a bit, but I've found it's something I need to do super consistent to get the benefits of it.
I'm sure there are plenty of other suggestions or opinions out there but that's some of the things that I have been trying. My tight hamstrings make it pretty impossible for me to keep a curve in my lower back when I am doing a L-Sit, so I'm thinking your experiencing the same in your squat. Good luck and that strength will come back soon.