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Lincoln Brigham
04-09-2007, 09:12 PM
I'm trying to stop swinging the bar on my second pull and meeting with limited success. I haven't been pulling the bar back towards me off the ground as much as I'd like. Thought that might be related to the swing (excessive horizontal hip motion into the bar).

So I'm trying some stuff. As can been seen in the video above, I've succeed in pulling the bar back towards me in the first pull. I'm pulling it back so far I'm completely back on my heels by the start of the second pull! And the shoulders are way out in front of the bar. But during the second pull I rock back towards the toes and end up on my toes before finishing the pull.
My thought is to practice doing pulls from the blocks, as I seem to be able to stay on my heels during the second pull there and don't swing the bar as much. Maybe with enough pulls from the blocks - done correctly - I'll be able to start doing my full lifts from the floor the same way.

Compare to a couple of years ago, when I had more of a tendancy to jump back:
I think I had more of a backwards lean at the finish of the pull. Lately it seems like I'm not getting my shoulders behind the bar fast enough or soon enough on the second pull. Hip extension too slow or too late?
Also compare to last May:

Thoughts? Mike, Gabe? Bueller?

Lincoln Brigham
05-02-2007, 09:07 PM
I think I figured out some things.

First off, I'm not pulling the bar towards me right as it comes off the ground. The bar doesn't start back until it's a few inches off the ground.

Second, my hips rise too fast on the first pull.

Third, I think the reason I swinging the bar (pushing the hips into the bar at the finish of the second pull) is because I'm waiting too long to start the "JUMP!" phase of the second pull. By the time I start the jump, I've got the bar into the crease of my hips and it has nowhere to go but forward.

Here's a freeze frame of the lift above from April 8th:

Here's a freeze frame from tonight:
Less difference in the back angle from the start vs. midway through the first pull.

Here's the full video from tonight:

I'm more flat-footed on the first pull, instead of having the balls of my feet completely off the ground. I jump back a bit on the catch, instead of forward as in the earlier example. Weight is 5 kilos more.