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Joe Marsh
01-03-2007, 12:19 PM
Was hoping to get someone to look at some ring work I did today and give me some pointers.

I was going for a muscle up/L-hold/skin-the-cat pullout with a half-ashed attempt at a front lever at the end.

Link is work and family safe.

Blair Robert Lowe
01-03-2007, 02:23 PM
Turn the rings out on the support. I'm not sure if it's your pants or if your knees are bending during your L. It's kind of weird to do on port rings but it's good for ya.

Personally, I coach an inverted hang with the rings parallel to each vs on a horizontal axis. For the most part you do that, but you'll find more stability when they are parallel.

You could try doing a backward roll to the inverted piked hang ( basket position ) instead of down to low hang, pull to invert. I wouldn't progress with this over concrete to learn.

Ideally if you were to press your palm down in the skin in the cat it transfer more towards the cross vs palm up. A small thing, it's different muscle recruitment.

You could also add a tucked back lever that extends to the german hang ( skin the cat hang ) and a tucked front lever. These will get you to learning the levers vs just going through the motion full bodied. Practising both are actually the key.

Muscle-ups are functionally easier when you can with straight elbows while in false grip. I suck at this, though. Training that grip is important.

Cudos, what size are ya? 5'7" ish, 170?

Joe Marsh
01-03-2007, 03:15 PM
Blair, thanks for the comments. I'm going to have to review them over and over to figure out what you are saying.

My legs were quite bent. Nowhere near the straight position they should be in. I'm thinking this might be a flexibility issue combined with poor trunk recruitment as well as a sloppy understanding of the movements perorfmed.

On the backward roll, I'm assuming I shouldn't let my feet contact the ground before going into it. Unfortunately, over concrete is the only place I can hang my rings right now.

I will try the palm press you mentioned, but I will probably botch it up.

I like the idea of the tucked lever practice, both front and back. Probably should've done that from the get-go.

I also suck at straight-arm muscle ups, but I will practice.

Close on the size, 5'9", 180-185.

Thanks again, Blair!!! I appreciate it. Roger, any thoughts?

Blair Robert Lowe
01-03-2007, 06:37 PM
Straight arm muscle-ups are more about flexibility and building that while practising a false grip. Something I've never really done either.

The back lever grip is this.

http://youtube.com/watch?v=6GD7gjWmIzM to show the grip in action

There is a backwards roll in these routines




Ok, btw all these are work safe, family safe, just watch out for the ads maybe on youtube.

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