View Full Version : Learning snatch - feedback on my form

Xi Xia
09-04-2006, 11:01 PM

I remember being introduced to Olifts back in highschool for football. Back then, I didn't know a snatch from a clean and had no idea what was the right form. I'm really glad I was introduced to this site and the great advice available about these lifts!

I am relearning the snatch. I have read an article about the double knee bend, watched all the videos I could, and have made my own. Please critique and provide feedback.

I notice, or rather, I feel that it takes too long from starting to lift the weight to feet hitting ground. Also, I'm not sure how far I need to extend my knees back so that I can pick up the bar and have it clear my knees. When watching the Sage videos, it looks like she extends and rotates them outwards. Finally, am I double knee bending enough? What should I be thinking/visualizing to help with the knee bend to hip explosion that ensues? Any help would be appreciated!


Lincoln Brigham
09-05-2006, 12:01 PM
The double knee bend is okay. At this point the best advice would be to stop thinking about it.

Bigger problems: you are indeed pulling the bar around the knees instead of pulling the knees out of the way of the bar. You are bending your arms well before you have finished extending the hips.

On the first pull, pull the knees back out of the way. On the second pull, keep your arms long. Think of your arms as ropes.

Xi Xia
09-05-2006, 01:09 PM
Thanks Lincoln. I see that my arms are bending way early and I do find myself thinking about the knee bend too much.

I will try your advice. When I started I felt like I just wanted to lift and jump with the bar. The whole knee bend felt "unnatural".


Anthony Papadopoulos
09-06-2006, 06:47 AM
exactly what lincold said!!

some things that help me persnoally are

1) USING THE HOOK GRIP! YES, thats right.
2) Completely relaxing my arms, before the lift! In fact, dont think your arms when cleaning/snathcing AT ALL!! MAYBE THINK OF YOUR LEGS, and the jump!
3) You must improve a bit your first pull, by pushing your knees back like lincoln said.

Xi Xia
09-06-2006, 08:39 AM
Hi Anthony,

Thanks for the advice on the grip and I will try it. Maybe it will help me relax my arms more. Yeah, I definitely need to move my knees back more.

I am going to try to incorporate all this and practice with the 45lb bar again. I read the Volume III, issue 9 of "Get Up" and the snatch learning progression in there gave me some ideas. Especially the part about the bar coming up to mid-sternum and pulling my body down, under the bar. My thinking has been trying to shoot the bar past my head before going under.

I have a flexibility issue with my shoulders that leads me to be unable to do the full squat. My hips are fairly loose, could be looser, but when I go down with my arms above me, my shoulders do not have the range to rotate back, behind my head. Has anyone mentioned this before as a limitation in how far they can drop into catching a snatch?

Also, am I correct in thinking that the bar should travel in a straight line from the ground up during my first and second pull? Right now, the bar looks like its doing a curve because of it going "around" my knees.

I watched some competition snatch vidoes and those lifts look so smooth. It looks like the lifter is jumping/exploding not just upward but upward and back? their hips are extending into the bar? When you snatch, do your hips extend so much that they bounce off the bar as it is going up?

thanks for listening to all my questions and thoughts!


Lincoln Brigham
09-06-2006, 11:03 AM
The bar should come off the ground back at you slightly. The bar path of the entire lift is a very flat S-shape, if you want to get technical.

Elite lifters all extend their hips fully. However, the hips should not bounce hard against the bar as that will cause the bar to swing forward.

Some elite lifters jump back, some do not.