Anthony Papadopoulos
12-02-2005, 01:24 AM
hello guys!!! hey i would appreciate it so much if you could give me some advice on my horrible form... any advice is welcomed because i am uncoached..
i think i am missing sth.. do i gain any benefits by doing them the way i do. i am 69kg ~175cm. itss 100kilos on bar
am i reaching full extension? do i exhibit early arm bend? is there a DKB (scoop)?? racking problems? anything! thank you guys you seem very well informed on ol. lifts!

the files are .3gp and can be opened with latest version of apple quicktime!




Lincoln Brigham
12-02-2005, 01:09 PM
Overall very, very nice.

You need to get your elbows around quicker, sooner, higher. You are much slower getting under the bar than you should be as a result. The bar has a tendancy to crash on you - you need to meet the bar sooner and with more authority.

That's what I would make priority #1.

Anthony Papadopoulos
12-02-2005, 01:27 PM
THANKS MAN for your reply! yes indeed, i do know that racking and getting a fast elbow whip is my biggest problem... that and i also think i have bent arms during 2nd pull or not finishing it.. do you agree
for example look my missed cleans...



lol they are pretty funny actually!! how can i correct this prob?? always missing in front of course

the most i ve cleaned is 110 or 112.5kg. do you know any drill to correct the elbow whip... it makes my jump under so much slower its frustrating... and its difficult to think whipping my elbows faster during my pull because i tend to cut my 2nd pull and bending my elbows prematurely!(aka easier said than done). also any special exercises to strengthen second pull..
it 's also extremely frustrating the complaints i am getting from dumb personal trainers and owner when my missed lifts bang the floor! if i could control dont you think i would? they r probably thinking i am purposefully dropping the bar to get the attention... dumbasses

Miguel Verissimo
12-03-2005, 04:16 AM
Let me analyse your second failed attempt video there:

I was reviewing it frame by frame and I found out that:

1. you are starting almost in a sitting position. What you want to do is having your shoulders slightly over the bar, a good rule is having your shoulders aligned with the tip of your feet.
(obviously this bad start doesn't help the clean because the bar wont follow the best trajectory)

2. you are starting with your elbows bent. what you want to do is having your arms hanging, relaxed but with a firm grip, and let them hang as you start the deadlift part and just bend them in the last pull of the clean, in sequence with your feet and shoulders. the idea is using the momentum to get the bar up there, so the correct pulling sequence is feet-shoulders-elbows. This is to say that the elbow bend is just auxiliary, the strenght lies in the legs and shoulders. Maintain your arms relaxed during the entire pull part. Save them for the jerk.

3. you are pulling the bar to you, instead of pulling it up. Remember: you have to finish the pull before you get underneath the bar, the higher you pull, the more hangtime you have to slide under it.

To correct this you should try to do pulls, like you are cleaning, but focusing on getting the bar to go up to your chest, in a very relaxed but controlled manner. Start light, and work your weight up only when you have perfect form.

after you master the pull, you must (re)learn to rotate the elbows when you clean. To do this, start with the bar thigh-high and work on rotating in the correct timing. Observe the form of the back, shoulders and legs as well, don't focus on any one part of your body. These are whole body exercises, and you must work up to the perfect sync between the different bodyparts.

Use the video resource and quicktime to see it frame-by-frame, and auto-diagnose your progress.

hope this helps, sorry for my bad english.

Lincoln Brigham
12-03-2005, 07:37 AM
For a drill to correct the elbow whip, I use "muscle cleans" with the empty bar. Clean the bar from the hang position, but don't rebend the knees to get under it. The bar goes from the thighs to the rack position very close to the body the entire way WITH ZERO BAR DROP. To get zero bar drop, rotate the elbows around as the bar pass the chest. This will push the bar into the rack position. Get the elbows up high in order to push the bar all the way back to the throat. Do this over and over until it feels automatic. Then try squat-cleaning the bar with the same feel. ZERO BAR DROP - do this without the bar ever getting higher than your throat.

Anthony Papadopoulos
12-05-2005, 05:51 PM
extremely helpful advice from both of you. many thanks guys

Anthony Papadopoulos
12-09-2005, 05:42 PM
i think if fixed most of my probs! I did the drill outlined by lincoln and i think the elbow whip is faster and also trying to SQUEEZE the bar off the floor and exploding after the scoop.
although, i don't seem to get past this 110kg clean barrier, and i don't get to clean that often 110kg. most of the time i can't get under the bar coz there isn't enogh hangtime??
how can i improve my second pull?? just by doing squats and getting stronger? my b.s is around 160kg
check it out my new clean its 100 kg on bar


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