View Full Version : Clean Form Advice, Please!

Ben Kimmerle
07-18-2007, 03:23 AM
Here are 2 videos, one of a 135# cleans that were medium effort, and then one of 165# cleans that were heavy for me. Just wondering if I could get some suggestions and critiques on my form. It seems to me that I bend my elbows too early and don't shrug enough, but let me know what you think! And thanks in advance for you help.


(both work and family safe)

Lincoln Brigham
07-18-2007, 09:24 AM
It seems to me that I bend my elbows too early and don't shrug enough

Hard to tell from this angle - and you'll be hearing from my chiropractor about the dangers of sideways videos - but if you suspect the elbows are bending too soon then you can practically guarantee it.

What I don't see is bringing the bar into the thighs during the second pull. I don't see much if any rebend of the knees. I see that the bar path is nearly perfectly straight instead of slightly "S" shaped as it should be. This makes me suspect that you are using arm power for the second pull instead of a jumping motion.

The acceleration profile looks good. You are squeezing the bar off the ground instead of yanking it - good.