View Full Version : Do I have decent snatch?

Zach Forrest
02-23-2008, 03:02 AM
Need to know what to improve on...

Any and all advice is appreciated.

Power Snatch -- 120# x 3 (75% max) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQvjYDfBxtQ)


Thanks guys and gals

Brandon Oto
02-23-2008, 03:11 AM
Bit of a donkey kick there...

Zach Forrest
02-23-2008, 03:13 AM
Haha, yeah...I saw that too.

Eddie Clark
02-23-2008, 03:40 AM
The biggest thing that I notice is that you don't have active shoulders when receiving the barbell overhead. Try to put those shoulders in your ears. Also try to poke your head through the hole (head slightly forward of your shoulders) a little more. That will allow you to get even more assistance from your traps to stabilize the bar overhead.

With that said...I am very new to the o-lifts but I am trying to learn as much as possible. So there are probably many more things that you can improve on but I will leave that up to the more experienced lifters.

You have good explosive power in your hip extension. I lack that in my lifts. I am sure it is because I have taught myself some bad habits. I got the CF O-lift cert in May with Coach B. I am sure he will whip my butt into shape:D

Zach Forrest
02-23-2008, 04:23 PM
Thanks Eddie. Active shoulders and head through the hole. Got it.
Great advice guys, thanks much.