View Full Version : Cleans... A little help

miguel flores
01-11-2008, 06:11 PM
Just wanted to get some critisizm for my cleans... keep in mind that these were done after The Bear Complex-(finishing weight of 150lb) I know that I am not opening up my hips fully and I am not getting my elbows under fast enough! Advice please All are W/F/S

135lb Squat Clean

135lb Power Clean

135lb Hang Clean

205lb Squat Clean

205lb Power Clean

Tom Brose
01-11-2008, 08:57 PM
Good news...youre strong. Now, lets get you using that to clean correctly and really move some weight. I just watched the 205 squat clean, but it gave me some points to comment on.

Set up- get in place, dont rush. You need to get your posture set up, and spine pulled in tighter.

Dont start the explosive part of the lift from the floor. Deadlift the weight up, keeping it in close to the body. Don't let your back round. Stay patient, chest over the bar as you extend. Really keep the bar in clos to the body.

As you hit the second pull, make sure you get full hip extension, then shrug, only then pull with the arms. That pul is to get you down into the squat position. Lift the elbows and drive them out in front of you. Driving your elbows into the thighs with 205 is a big risk to your wrist.

Work on your technique. For me, dropping down in weight and making sure to do it right has been a necessity. As I do that (got a long way to go), the numbers are coming up, and form more on point.

Keep it up, and go see Coach Burgner!