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James Hansen
02-13-2005, 09:28 AM
Hi fellas,

Has anyone here experienced a broken metatarsal? I had two screws put in to fix mine, about two months ago.

It was initially a stress fracture that occurred at the end of a military course I was in, and I kept going on it and by the time the course was over it was a complete break. (stress fracture + 120 lb rucksack x five days = break)

I suppose I'm just looking to hear some anecdotes from others regarding recovery. I'm at at 8 weeks and still experiencing swelling. So far I'm not putting any weight on the foot, other than to press the clutch in. I anticipate the doctor will tell me to place partial weight on it when I go back in 10 day.

The doc says the bone should be as strong as before. We haven't talked rehab yet, but I know I won't be running for at least a month more. This may finally prompt me to get a rower:-)

Anyone else had this injury, and what was your experience.


Dan Silver
02-13-2005, 03:07 PM
Hi James. Sorry to hear about the injury. Getting hurt is a badge of honor but injuries never seem worth the time it takes to heal. I have, luckily, never had a broken metatarsal (that I know of) but I have sprained the holy-hell out of my left big toe. This injury was severe enough to make me unable to walk on the inside of my foot for over a month. I injured it about six months ago and I am just finally getting my full range of motion back.

Interestingly enough though, I was working out on it a few days after the injury and back to work in the same amount of time. I just had to be concious of not doing what hurt. That's kind of the general rule of early rehab. But you should still be able to train, at least in some ways, with your injury.

What helped me was doing workouts that didn't involve stress on my toe. Also, wearing shoes was a nice "cheat" around the injury. I concentrated on keeping my weight back on my heels during lifting. I rowed instead of ran. As the swelling decreased I started introducing more even weight distribution to the whole of my foot. This mostly happened without me noticing. Soon, I was running in my work boots and then back in sneakers. Now that's all better.

In 2003, before I discovered Crossfit, I shattered my right thumb. Actually, a coworker shattered it with his baton but that's another story. As soon as I got the pin in my thumb I bought some ankle weights and wore them around my arms as I couldn't grip. I worked out that way for a few weeks. Soon I began doing pushups on my palms and pullups with my fingers on the door frame. As I did these movements I gradually found myself moving my thumb. Sometimes it would hurt and I'd stop but, more often then not, I didn't notice how greatly my ROM was increasing. The physical therapist told me "you do pushups? Why are you here?"

When I'm injured I get bored and that boredom frequently turns into invention. Just try and be creative. Keep your supporting muscles moving and healthy. You'll be better in no time.