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Paul Symes
01-29-2005, 04:49 AM
Hello again. Sorry this a bit long. I've been injured for a few months so haven't been training. I hurt my back squatting back in September. The doctor put me on a waiting list, which was going to take at least 12 weeks until I got to see a specialist.

I got myself down to a local physio who deals with sports injuries. He said I had a bulging disk and he could ease the pain with a few sessions.

After four sessions with the physio my leg started to hurt and the back pain got worse. In January this year after about 10 sessions (and 400 or $800 ish) he finally said he wasn't sure what was wrong with my back/leg and suggested surgery.

So I went to an osteo who told me tall people get bad backs. What a helpful chap he was.

A friend of mine had success with a chiro when he'd hurt his back so I thought I'd try it. I might have been unlucky but the chiro I saw was out to empty my wallet and didn't have a clue what was wrong with my back. I can't believe how they get away with it! He was blatantly misleading me and trying to use scare tactics to make himself money

I went back to the doctor to see if he could speed up my appointment with the specialist. He shrugged his shoulders and said he didn't care. (really)

By this time I'd given up on going private, they seem happy to take your money but they just aren't honest. I thought I'd wait for the specialist, at least it's free and they won't be motivated by what's going to make them the most money.

I was queuing up for painkillers at the chemist's shop and the osteo from upstairs came up to me and asked me what the problem was. I told him I thought I had a slipped disk. He offered to look at my back for free and it took him five minutes to see that my disks were ok and he said I had a SI joint problem. After one session with him there was a 50% improvement and after two sessions a 75% improvement. It still hurts but I'm not limping anymore.

My appointment at the specialist came up yesterday so I thought I'd go anyway to see what they thought. You guessed it, probably a disk problem. I made the mistake of telling her that a physio has thought I had a disk problem already.

It's a sad reflection on our health system when you come away from a hospital not believing what someone who's supposed to be an expert has told you. I really don't think half of them know what they're talking about.

So it looks like it's down to luck whether you find someone who knows what they're doing.

Has anyone here had experience of SI joint dysfunction (sacroiliac joint) what was you outcome, how long was it before you went back to training?

Is anyone from Britain had problems finding a competent back specialist?


Payton Steel
01-29-2005, 02:18 PM
Paul, if you look at the previous topic in the "injuries " section titled "lower back", you'll see my post. I have SI Joint Dysfunction as well, and I know how you feel. I even saw a rheumatologist who insisted I drive to Mexico to get "a cream" and to start swimming. So I know how you feel about doctors - I am the same way. Like I said in the other post, you need to find a GOOD chiropractor (yes there are some jerks; just like any other profession). No, they are not cheap, but a good one is really worth every penny. I get adjusted 3x a week and get laser therapy too. My hips get stuck and I still have the need to pop/crack my right hip every night when I lay down. Hang in there and take steps to tackle this now because it will only get worse and bring the rest of your body down with it! Begin an everyday supplementation of MSM (1500mg), Chondroitin (1200mg), and Glucosamine (1500mg).'Move Free' by Schiff is an excellent combo of these. You will strengthen your joints with this and notice a decrease in the pain; I haven't needed my twice daily 800mg Motrin since starting this stuff; I noticed a difference within 2 weeks. So with supplementation, the chirpractor, and strengthening my core, glutes, and hamstrings, things are definitely improving. I am hopeful things will start looking up for you!

Paul Symes
01-31-2005, 04:55 AM
Payton, thanks for the reply. I'll go and get some of that move free today. I'm trying to strengthen my core, glutes and hams but it can sometimes make things sore. My hams already feel very tight and knotted up. I'm doing supermans on a stablility ball and planks too, is that a good idea? I've also tried doing sldls with just body weight and a broom stick (I knew my ex-girl friends transport would come in handy on day)

It's difficult to get information so it's good to hear from someone who's actually dealing with it.

I hope your back gets even better soon.


Payton Steel
01-31-2005, 04:59 PM
Paul, it's hard to say what "a good idea" is for the masses. It's important to do only what you feel comfortable with as to not injure yourself further. I push myself to the limit but if I feel pain that's not normal, I stop immediately and go back to that specific exercise in a few days. It sounds funny, but right now, I'm working on putting a band around both of my ankles and while on hands and knees, kicking my leg out to the side "donkey-style". I can really feel it targeting the hips and outer thigh in a way that no other exercise has done before! I'm thinking this is helping strengthen those muscles and ligaments that give me so many problems!