View Full Version : Another Shoulder Pain Question

Paul Theodorescu
10-20-2004, 03:37 AM
Waking up yesterday I felt a pain in my right shoulder. I did the thruster workout anyway. Since then, I've been having trouble lifting my right shoulder over my head (or doing circular rotations).

I've never had this kind of injury before so I have no idea what it is. Could it be in the rotator cuffs? Maybe it's something common.

My plan is to take a full week off (not a bad idea anyway, I guess)-- is there anything else I should do?

Brian McCarrie
10-20-2004, 07:47 AM
I'm not an expert in this area but I am dealing with my own shoulder situation. Here's a few things that I have noticed.
1. If it feels like somethings not right, it's probably not.
2. ignoring an injured shoulder just makes it worse.
3. Ice is your friend. I have a neoprene shoulder ice pack strap. It cost about $25 and has been worth it.
4. Once my shoulder gets back to normal I plan to make rotator cuff exercises and stretches a regular part of my routine.

Taking some time off is a good idea. Get some ice on it to reduce swelling and inflamation. If it doesn't feel better after your week off I'd make an appointment with a doctor. You may want to do this anyway just to be safe. Good luck.

Ryan Atkins
10-20-2004, 08:57 AM
Hi Paul,

Taking a week off might not be a bad idea, but if that means avoiding lifting your hand overhead for the entire time it might not be the best idea. The concensus I've gathered from the injury posts on this forum, my own experience and from the info provided at the seminar this weekend is that movement, when using proper biomechanics and taken in baby steps, is crucial to restoring full function. I'm not a PT, however so there are probably some exceptions to the rule (broken bones come to mind). I'd second Brian's ideas about the ice and doctor check up as well.

Hope this helps,


Paul Theodorescu
10-23-2004, 08:13 AM
Thanks for the help guys. The pain subsided on its own and I can train again.

I just really wish I knew what it was so I could explain the pain better and seek a quick remedy.