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01-12-2003, 03:25 PM
First off, thank you all for this awesome and informative website.

About two weeks ago, I was bodyboarding at a local surf spot when I collided with another surfer. His surfboard skeg punctured my leg creating a wound about four inches long and three inches deep. I had to go to the emergency room for stitches and all that "fun stuff". Prior to the injury, I was doing callisthenics, swimming, and yoga as a training regiment to get better in bodyboarding and stay in shape. In the two weeks of down - time that I had, I could not exercise, or even walk. I have been spending my time eating junk food, feeling sorry for myself, and turning myself into a fat, useless, piece of **** in the process!

I recently came across your website, via a link from BJ Penn's website, mahalo ia oe e BJ, and I am inspired to shake this depression and recover in a positive and healthy way. So, I would like post the following questions:
1. Has anybody out there recovered from a wound like this?
2. How long will it take before I can start exercise again?
3. I did not injure any tendons or nerves, but my leg feels weak, what's up with that?
4. What exercises/activities should I begin with?
5. How can I kick my diet of sugar and booze?

I would very much like to pull myself together and work my way up to being "hard" and in shape. I would like to be able to do the WODs in the future and participate in the Crossfit program.

Well, thanks for listening.