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Scott Shafer
06-29-2003, 09:29 AM
Coach, et al,

Is there a method you use to help rehab after injury? For example, how to ramp back up to Crossfit after being hurt (maybe a good topic for an upcoming CFJ)?

Currently, I'm undergoing treatment for c-spine impact injuries which precludes any workouts whatsoever. I've lost ~1/3 function in my left arm. My neurosurgeon and physical therapist tell me it will be 12-18 months of rehab before I lift again. In my terms this means I will start taking weights that hurt in ~6 months - yes, I am sick in the head.



David Wood
06-30-2003, 06:13 AM

I don't want to pretend to speak for Coach, or pretend that I have a medical or rehab background.

That is definitely one ugly-sounding injury . . . just seeing the phrases "cervical spine" and "impact injuries" into the same sentence makes me wince . . . I wish you well in your healing.

The only thoughts I would have are essentially contradictory to each other, so you have to figure out how to integrate them:

(1) the spinal column is serious business . . . this is not a time to be a hero and go out on your own for a ring workout. Find yourself the medical consultants (surgeon, PT) that you can trust, and then trust them . . . mostly.

(2) Most medical professionals have somewhat limited experience dealing with fit and motivated people. As such, you may need to lead *them* in showing them how fast you can recover. I'd urge you to always challenge yourself, and their expectations, about what you can do . . . but do so while paying VERY close attention to any signals your body sends you.

Best of luck,

Scott Shafer
06-30-2003, 10:20 AM
Thanks, Dave. I'm looking at this as a time to drop some bodyweight and get functionality back. I'm not even close yet. ;-/